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About Peter

Peter Shaw built many homes before he started designing them. As a young builder, he loved following the drawings with precision and seeing an architect’s vision come to life. After his OE, he wanted in on that side of the process so he went and studied architecture at Victoria University, graduating in 2002.

From his very first role as an architect, working on residential projects on Waiheke Island, it has been clear that Peter's grounding in the building industry brought a finely-honed instinct for what is realistic to his designs. No totally unworkable designs here! Clients appreciate his understanding of complexity, and therefore cost, when they are tossing up between options of cladding, structural supports, or bathroom layouts.

For a large portion of his career, Peter worked as a registered architect for McKenzie Higham Architects, where he delivered a broad range of projects, varying in size and complexity. These included everything from homes and schools to social housing, healthcare facilities, and retail and commercial properties. He also ticked off an item that would be high on any builder-architect's bucket list – designing and building his own home on a tight site in the hills of Wellington. He did a pretty good job too; you can read about it here.


Now based in Ōmokoroa, Peter has opted out of the high-octane pace of big city architecture to set up as a sole operator in this idyllic corner of the Bay of Plenty. His focus is residential builds and renovations, but he brings with him all that valuable experience from years of designing and delivering commercial and government projects – not to mention all those thousands of hours on the tools.

Working as a sole practitioner means Peter can personally deliver on every project he takes on. He thoroughly enjoys the process of working with his clients to bring their dreams and imaginings to life – whether it's a new build, renovation, commercial fit-out, or even a new outdoor living space. So if you have a project or idea in mind, call or email Peter today!

Peter Shaw
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